The recent USCIS fee rule signifies a significant surge in immigration filing fees. Notably, the fee for H-1B petitions will increase from $460 to $780, and for L-1 petitions, it will go from $460 to $1,385.

Additionally, the H-1B registration fee will increase from $10 to $215, although this adjustment will not be effective for the upcoming H-1B registration period between March 6-22. However, USCIS intends to implement the higher fee for H-1B petitions upon the commencement of cap filing on April 1, 2024. All applications filed on April 1, 2024 or after must include the new fees.

This rule also introduces a $600 Asylum Program Fee which will be added to each Form I-129 and Form I-140 filing in addition to the other filing fees. The asylum fee will be $300 for small employers (with 25 or fewer employees) and exempts nonprofit organizations.

A summary chart of the fee increases is included here.

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