In honor of the first day of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 through October 15, Garvish Immigration Law Group will be highlighting the journeys of our very own staff members who celebrate their hispanic heritage. Nearly 40% of our team represents hispanic nations including Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador and Mexico. We are honored to work with such a diverse and talented group of (mostly) women and we cannot wait to share these inspirational stories!

Meet Diana Mejia, Legal Assistant at Garvish Immigration Law Group, LLC. Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, Diana’s roots trace miles away to El Salvador. Her parents migrated to the United States over 20 years ago from Metapan, El Salvador seeking better opportunities for their family.

Headshot of Latina from El Salvador. Wearing a black suit jacket with a white collared shirt. Her hair is parted in the middle with long curls at the ends.

Diana received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice from  Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. Diana decided to pursue this degree due to her curiosity of learning how the behaviors and actions of governments, countries and leaders impact the world. Diana is also passionate about criminal justice reform and fighting inequality.

“I always said I would never work in Immigration Law. Growing up in an immigrant household, I saw first hand how difficult life as an immigrant could be. Having family of my own that have dealt with immigration proceedings, I thought it was too close to home. However, after volunteering with organizations that provided aid to those seeking to adjust their status, I realized that my personal ties would only help me better serve my community. My compassion and deep understanding led me into going into immigration law.”

Diana’s parents are her driving force and her reason “Why”. Since their arrival to the United States in 1982, they have worked tirelessly to be able to provide her and her siblings the resources to follow their dreams. Only 5% of Latinos are lawyers and only 2% of that percentage are Latina women. Diana wants to go to law school and become the first attorney in her family. She wants to continue to help others on a larger scale in the hope of one day owning her own non-profit organization that will contribute to covering immigration costs for low income families. Diana joined Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority Incorporated (Spring 2021) for Latina women pursuing higher education. Through this organization, she was able to expand her knowledge and passion of social services by serving underprivileged communities through charitable and educational programs.

“I want to create positive change in this world. By going into the legal field, I am hoping to contribute to fighting social injustice and become a compass for immigrants navigating the difficult terrains of immigration law.”

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee

This monthly blog series on National Hispanic Heritage Month is produced by our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee led by our Senior Attorney, Nadia Deans Kalata.

The DEI Mission is: To create and promote a diverse, equal, and inclusive work environment where all individuals are valued and respected and allowed to attain their greatest potential (professionally and personally) to work towards achieving the greatest benefits for all our clients.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee

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