My experience at the AILA Immigration Conference was very informative. From engaging in open forums and panel discussions that dissected the details of current immigration policies to hands-on workshops that equipped us with practical tools for case management, every session was enriching. Networking with fellow practitioners and industry experts provided invaluable insights and fostered connections that will undoubtedly shape my practice when I become an attorney. The conference not only reaffirmed my commitment to advocating for immigrant rights but also empowered me with new strategies to navigate the evolving legal

landscape. The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) features numerous small committees dedicated to different facets of immigration law and advocacy. These committees encompass areas such as ethics, technology, pro bono services, human rights and specialized fields within immigration law.

As an individual of Indian descent, I found the Asian committee group particularly welcoming and highly informative. My experiences at UNC Chapel Hill School of Law in the USA and Gitam University in India have been pivotal in shaping my journey to where I am today. These formative years have profoundly influenced my career path, culminating in my meaningful participation at the AILA conference and reinforcing the importance of immigration advocacy. I left feeling inspired and better prepared to tackle the challenges ahead in immigration law. I look forward to assisting those who are genuinely in need of help and am enthusiastic about embarking on my journey as an attorney in the coming years.

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Ritu Vellanki
Case Manager at Garvish Immigration Law Group | + posts