Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Happy Memorial Day! We honor those who served our country so bravely, including many immigrants. A big part of our immigration practice is helping the family members of our military.

This month, I want to share a story of triumph and perseverance, trust and faith. A story that embodies how we think and function at Garvish Immigration Law Group. I met an amazing young man about three years ago. A man of faith who trusted and loved God, We immediately connected. He came to the U.S. as a child and unfortunately fell out of nonimmigrant status. He grew to be a wonderful young man despite this burden he had to bear. He didn’t quite belong in the U.S. through no fault of his own and there were limited ways for him to legalize his immigration status. He was involved in his church in significant leadership roles and we hatched a plan. The church agreed to sponsor him for a green card. I thought this would be easy, but GOD had other plans. We were tested. Trump issued an executive order changing the unlawful presence calculations for F,M and J and I advised this young man to leave the U.S. and wait abroad. We faced more challenges. The DOL denied our three PERM applications in error. THREE! Our success rate is close to 99% on our PERM cases. How could we be this unlucky? I had to persevere. I had to fight and I had to keep moving forward. We were able to reopen the third denial and the government admitted the error. Last week, I received the most beautiful email from the DOL certifying this case. I felt the weight of this young man’s future on my shoulders for three years. I sent this young man back home. I asked him to trust me. I couldn’t let him down. We both agreed that these challenges actually were blessings in many ways and we were both able to grow. The one thing that never wavered was our trust and faith – our knowing that we would accomplish this. We both put it in God’s hands. We surrendered to the certainty of success whatever the tumultous journey. We continue to walk hand in hand as attorney and client (even though we were an ocean away) knowing we will reach our destination and not wavering in trust and faith.

The immigration process is a journey. Trust us as your guide.

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth xo


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