Dear Friends and Colleagues:

We were able to achieve successful outcomes for many clients this month. However, we are still facing significant challenges at the Embassies and Consulates abroad. Due to the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of immigrant visa cases are still waiting for appointments at the Embassy and nonimmigrant visa appointments are taking months if we are even able to schedule them. At Garvish Immigration Law Group, we never give up. We will continue to push cases forward and do all that we can to provide creative alternative solutions. We cannot guarantee timing or ultimate results, but we believe in the certainty of positive outcomes for cases. Doing away with fear, doubt and negativity surrounding your immigration matter and surrending to the certainty of the desired positive outcome helps us brave the prolonged storm and aftershocks we continue to feel on this immigration journey. Trust us as your guide. We NEVER GIVE UP!

Yours in Certainty,

Elizabeth xo


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