Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is a time for giving thanks and I believe gratitude is a daily practice and not something we save up for that one Thursday in November. By chance, I came up with something that keeps me on the gratitude train. Imagine the feeling when you let pure gratitude for a person, a situation, an event or an accomplishment shower over you. Feel the soothing, cleansing metaphorical hot water warming your soul and experience a final exhilarating splash of cold to give you chills. Imagine letting yourself go and surrendering to that feeling of gratitude and letting it wash over you. I call them “gratitude showers” and I recommend that we take at least one everyday. See how this simple practice can brighten your day, increase your energy and create happiness! I am taking one right now and so grateful for all of you!

With lots of love,

Elizabeth xo


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