In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month our Diversity Committee will be publishing a series of Spotlights on both clients and Garvish Immigration staff members who have so graciously offered to share their stories of heritage on our blog.

Mintao Lu Environmental EngineerMeet Mintao Lu, a Professional Environmental Engineer at Integrated Science & Technology, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. Mintao is from Changzhou, China, a small but beautiful city near Shanghai, famous for its great food and amusement park. Growing up, Mintao always had the love and support of her parents and close friends, something she still has and treasures to this day.

After high school, Mintao went to college in Nanjing where she met people from all over the world. She studied earth science in college because of her love and passion for nature and her desire to learn more about the unknown world. During her studies, Mintao knew she wanted to help change the planet instead of just learning about it. This led to her interest in Environmental Engineering where she could apply her knowledge to help rid the earth of pollution and also invent a greener way of living.

While in college, Mintao met so many people from various countries that her desire to see the world got even stronger. She decided to study abroad to experience a different kind of life and traveled to the U.S. as an F-1 student to pursue her master’s degree. Mintao attended Columbia University, in New York City where she was awarded a master’s degree in Earth and Environmental Engineering.

Mintao Lu, COlumbia University Graduation

Mintao celebrating her graduation from Columbia University

“I loved my time of study in New York – work hard, play harder. Apart from my intense but rewarding school life, I enjoyed endless shows and exhibits and made friends with people from around the world. It’s such an energetic and inspiring city where everyone can find something they love to enjoy and share, or even make into their lifetime career. After living in New York, I moved to Atlanta for work, a very different city but I enjoyed it all the same. I love the peaceful living pace and endless nature scene here with just the right number of places to explore and get inspired. I feel like it all fits this stage of my life so well.”

Mintao began her career as an Assistant Environmental Remediation Engineer at Integrated Science & Technology, Inc. initially under F-1 Optional Practical Training, then eventually under H-1B (Specialty Occupation) status. She is now a professional environmental engineer, helping to make the world a better place.

Mintao is currently waiting on the final step in her employment-based green card process to be adjudicated. As a national of China, Mintao has been subject to the long wait times for her priority date to become current. We recently received a transfer notice from USCIS and are hopeful that her green card will be approved this year.

Mintao is very passionate about the earth and its inhabitants. She loves the life she is living, the friends she has made, and her supporting family – even with them being far across the ocean. Mintao and her husband currently live in Atlanta, Georgia with their 3 cats – all rescued. They are expecting a baby this year and can’t wait to enjoy this new stage of their life together!

“My advice to others is to seize the day, enjoy the moment, and live the fullest of our life! Everything else will come along!”

This monthly blog series on Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is produced by our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee led by our Senior Attorney, Nadia Deans Kalata.

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