U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently announced the expansion of premium processing for Form I-539 applicants seeking a change of status to F-1, F-2, M-1, M-2, J-1, or J-2 nonimmigrant status starting on June 13.  From June 26, USCIS will also accept Form I-907 requests filed together with Form I-539. Please note that premium processing is only available for change of status requests and not for extensions of stay in M-1 or M-2 status.

Important Guidelines:

Ensure that Form I-907 is submitted in the same manner as Form I-539:

  • If submitting a paper Form I-539, a paper Form I-907 must be mailed.

If submitting Form I-539 online, Form I-907 should also be submitted online.

  • Applicants must complete their biometrics before premium processing can begin. The time limit for premium processing starts once the applicant and all co-applicants on Form I-539 have submitted their biometrics. It’s important to note that USCIS may reject Form I-907 and/or Form I-539 if submitted with another benefit request or multiple Form I-907 requests filed together.

Benefits of Online Filing:

Applicants are encouraged to create a USCIS online account for filing Form I-907 online. This account provides a secure and convenient method for submitting forms, paying fees, and tracking the status of immigration requests. It also enables communication with USCIS through a secure inbox and facilitates online responses to Requests for Evidence. Setting up a USCIS online account is free.

Efficiency and Compliance:

The expansion of premium processing is part of USCIS’ commitment to increasing efficiency and reducing burdens in the immigration system. The phased approach ensures compliance with the Emergency Stopgap USCIS Stabilization Act, which prohibits the expansion of premium processing if it would result in longer processing times for other immigration benefit requests.


The expansion of premium processing for Form I-539 applicants offers increased flexibility and efficiency in the application process. By adhering to the guidelines and utilizing the benefits of the USCIS online account, applicants can streamline their requests and stay updated throughout the adjudication process.

Read the official release on the USCIS website.

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