At Garvish Immigration We Celebrate Women Every Day!

March is Women’s History Month and while it is coming to an end, we at Garvish Immigration will continue to celebrate women in our office, women clients, women colleagues, and women in the world. For centuries women have been overcoming hardships and inequalities while forging ahead to break all biases about who society wants them to be.

To celebrate everything women have done before us, we want to continue honoring their success by identifying areas we can change. We asked everyone on our team:

“What bias you would like to see broken about women in the workplace or in the world?”

“I want my sons to believe that having a CEO as a mom is the norm! We are on our way.  This is all they know.  We have to become what we want to see in the world.” – Elizabeth Garvish, Founder & Managing Member

“I hope my daughter will be able to have kids if she decides to, without that being a huge obstacle between her and her professional goals, as it was for her mother (so proud of how she was able to make it anyway). I hope my son will know his career is as important as his partner’s, without making a conscious effort. If they grow up having that as the norm, then we can be proud of the example we laid for them.” – Danilo Benites, Legal Assistant

“I want my kids, especially my daughter, to know that GIRLS can think independently, GIRLS can argue for unfairness, and GIRLS are strong from inside.

No matter how you look, what your figure is, if you fight for it, then you are always worth it!” – Vivien Li, Associate Attorney

“To me, ‘Break the Bias’ is the continued advocacy to challenge structural and institutional biases that impact women’s financial security and also break the barrier where women are expected to give up their career and get married and have kids while they are in their  20s or 30s.” – Ritu Vellanki, Case Manager

In the World: What a woman wears does not define her intentions or who she is as a person.

In the Workplace: I have watched my mother raise me alone, get re-married, raise my younger brother (who does 3+ sports at a time), and STILL get promotions at work. She is a mother, a leader, and is respected. My step-father is heavily involved with my brother’s sports as well. Women are not the only ones who are involved in their children’s lives and can still get their work done (just as a man can). Work is work” – Kaitlyn Bright, Office Manager

“I want my sons to grow up in a world where language does not contain expressions that perpetuate stereotypes and discrimination. We don’t talk about girls running slower, men being stronger, women being bad drivers or women being dramatic. To see meaningful and permanent change we need to start by changing the way we talk which in turn will change our perspective.” – Natalia Muñoz, Associate Attorney

“The notion that women who have children and are raising their families cannot also be leaders in their careers. We can do both! In fact, many strong leaders and exceptional role models in the workplace are mothers!” – Nadia Deans Kalata, Senior Associate Attorney

“I’d like my sons and daughter to know that they have the SAME opportunities in life. Careers are not reserved for genders, careers are reserved for people who want them.” Mea Matsuoka, Marketing Director

“Women should be praised for their motivation and fervor, instead of being chastised as being overly-emotional in leadership roles.” Melease Lynn, Legal Assistant

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