The support of a talented team is vital for any organization out there to achieve its goals and make an impact on the world.  It takes some skill to bring the ideal team together and ensure that they remain laser focused on the execution and advancement of the mission of the organization.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” 

– Helen Keller

At Garvish Immigration Law Group, we have a team of talented and brilliant women and man (not everyone pictured unfortunately) who work miracles every single day and do so with gratitude and joy in their hearts.  I know this because we check in with the team members and share often. How is this possible in an environment plagued with unimaginable government delays, frustrations, quarantines and home schooling?  I laid the foundation during challenging times we faced under President Trump and during the worst years of the pandemic.  I was able to triple my team and attract the best and the brightest talent and team members who keep propelling us forward.

Here are my top tips on creating and keeping a badass team:

  1. Define your core values.
  2. Live, eat, sleep and breathe your values until it becomes your culture. 
  3. Manifest the right people. Put it out in the universe and they will come.  You may never need to place a job advertisement again. 
  4. The first question you ask a potential team member is : How can I help YOU?
  5. Be a servant leader. 
  6. Be uber concerned with each individual’s wellbeing and happiness. 
  7. Set those people free that need to fly.  No one wants to stay stuck in a job.  Support them in every way that you can.  They may just come back to you. 
  8. Trust your team. Make sure they know you trust them and they will do the rest. 
  9. Be vulnerable as a leader. Lead with vulnerability and honesty.  This will be your greatest strength. 
Garvish Immigration Law Group Legal Team

Legal Team at Garvish Immigration Law Group.

Left to Right. Vivien Li, Alexandra Sarrine, Elizabeth Garvish, Nadia Kalata, Natalia Muñoz.

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