Today, the Supreme Court announced its decision that the Trump Administration unlawfully terminated the DACA program. This means that the DACA program is here to stay, at least for now. This decision comes nearly three years after President Trump’s announcement that he was rescinding the program.
The Supreme Court’s decision states that the Administration’s rescission of the DACA program initiated in 2017 did not comply with procedural requirements, because it did not provide a “reasoned explanation for its action.” The decision does not hold that there is a constitutional protection for the DACA program or its recipients. Therefore, there is nothing in the decision that prevents the Trump Administration from attempting to terminate the program again. Nevertheless, this is excellent news for the hundreds of thousands of people who have DACA protection and for our country as a whole!
DACA gives protection from deportation and work authorization to persons who entered the country as children and arrived before June 2007. Applicants for these DACA work permits undergo rigorous background checks and are disqualified if they have committed a “significant misdemeanor,” including DUI. Data shows that the vast majority of DACA recipients are employed or are full-time students, many of whom are in the healthcare industry. Plaintiffs in this case reported to the Supreme Court that approximately 27,000 DACA recipients are healthcare workers and 200 are medical students, residents and physicians. The positive impact of DACA recipients to our economy and our country is substantial, especially during these pandemic times.
Today’s Supreme Court decision is welcome news for hundreds of thousands of “Dreamers” in our communities, their families and employers, and immigration advocates nationwide. We will continue to advocate for immigrants and for the good of our country, now and always.
By Alexandra Vasquez Sarrine