In celebration of Black History Month, we will be sharing a series of blog posts highlighting our clients and staff from the African diaspora. We are honored to share the stories of these amazing individuals, whom we celebrate not just this month, but throughout the year.

Meet Mercy Oladosu, Office Administrative and Legal Assistant at Garvish Immigration Law Group in Atlanta, Georgia.  Mercy was born in Norcross, Georgia to Nigerian parents. Her parents immigrated from Nigeria to the U.S. twenty-five years ago through the diversity visa program. Mercy’s father had won the diversity visa lottery which changed his life and allowed him and his wife to immigrate to the United States in 1997. Mercy’s parents came to the United States because they wanted to experience the land of opportunity. They also wanted to provide their daughter Mercy with more opportunities as well, including the opportunity to obtain a great education.  

Mercy Oladosu, Office Administrative and Legal Assistant at Garvish Immigration Law Group in Atlanta, Georgia

Mercy attended the University of Georgia, where she majored in Political Science. She knew she wanted to broaden her knowledge about various communities and the qualities of a good citizen, so that she could help others. Mercy has always had an interest in political science, government, and law, as well as women in society.

“I want to inspire more black women to pursue law and join the legal field. I myself am inspired by Charlotte E. Ray, who broke race and gender barriers by becoming the first African American female lawyer in the U.S. I strive to be an inspiration to others as she is to me.”

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Mercy worked with a nonprofit organization that inspired and influenced women to actively participate in government and law. Mercy now works with Garvish Immigration Law Group, where she is part of a team of strong, talented women who work hard to help others obtain the “American dream” and make a better life for themselves. She plans to attend law school in 2023. 

Mercy will be the first (future) lawyer in her family. Only 4.8% of African Americans are lawyers. As an African American woman, Mercy wants to inspire other women like her to pursue their dream of becoming an attorney.  

When asked what keeps her going, Mercy replied:

“My family’s past struggles keep me motivated. Ever since I’ve heard their stories and the struggles they have been through, I get the strength to work harder. I am fortunate enough to have the ability to pursue the career of my choice and help others. I want to help others obtain this idea of the American dream and make a better life for themselves.”

Mercy Oladosu Garvish Immigration Law Group in Atlanta Georgia

One of Mercy’s favorite quotes is from Wilma Rudolph, an American athlete who won three Gold Medals in the 1960 Olympics and became a pioneer for civil rights and women’s rights.

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” —Wilma Rudolph

We are honored to have Mercy as part of our team, helping us guide others through their immigration journey and achieving their dreams. 

This monthly blog series on Black History Month is produced by our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee led by our Senior Attorney, Nadia Deans Kalata.

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