Garvish Immigration Law Group Caps a Challenging Year With Awards and Recognitions

Elizabeth Garvish Managing Member of Garvish Immigration Atlanta Georgia

Elizabeth Garvish, Founder and Managing Member at Garvish Immigration Law Group, is thrilled to announce the firm is the recipient of multiple legal and customer service awards in 2021 despite the challenging immigration law environment. Legal awards and recognitions show our clients and our potential clients that we value and place a high priority on client satisfaction. At Garvish Immigration Law Group, our core value is Clients Come First – and awards are a great measure that demonstrates we are actively following our values.

Garvish Immigration Law Group, LLC, is honored to have received the following awards and recognitions in 2021 for our legal services and client services:

“At Garvish Immigration Law, clients come first, and our firm is successful when our clients achieve their American Dream. Our dedicated team and the loyalty and support of our clients make these awards possible. We are honored to receive this recognition during such a challenging and extraordinary year.”

~ Elizabeth L.A. Garvish, Esq.,
Founder and Managing Member, Garvish Immigration Law Group LLC


Creating a happy law firm leads to happy clients. We strive to be the happiest law firm in America and that means our team of professionals and staff is happy and fulfilled and feels seen, empowered and trusted to serve our clients. When our team is happy, our entire firm is filled with joy and when we lead and produce and communicate with joy and happiness, our clients feel it too and they are happy. It is like a chain reaction. A happy team leads to a happy firm which leads to happy clients!

With over five decades of combined experience, Garvish Immigration Law Group strives for excellence, values teamwork and encourages creativity.

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