We have been through this before and we know the way. We understand the anxiety and stress that can accompany any kind of application for an immigration benefit and we want you to know that we get it and we won’t leave you with doubts, worries or unanswered questions. We cannot guarantee an easy immigration journey, but if you trust us, we will guide you through.


We love America; we love immigrants and the talent, diversity, culture and rich flavor that they bring to our country. We believe in the American dream; we love what we do and we tackle every case and situation with unwavering passion.


Our clients mean everything to us. You are the reason we do what we do and you need to know that. We pledge that we will listen to your needs and respond to your inquiries and do our best to advise you, resolve your issues, obtain the benefits you desire and deliver results.


In our current immigration environment, things are just plain tough. Immigration policies are changing on a near daily basis, processing time delays are staggering and what used to work just fine, doesn’t work anymore. We are constantly learning, gathering information and have our ear to the ground for the latest policy news and developments. We think outside the box and devise innovative and creative strategies to get results. We strive for excellence in every case and for every client.


U.S. Corporations

We act as outside counsel for immigration matters for various companies in all industry sectors throughout the U.S. We work together with human resources teams and in-house counsel to devise corporate immigration policies and strategies to meet corporate immigration staffing needs.

Multinational companies,Startups and Foreign Investors

We assist foreign companies establish a U.S. presence and bring key personnel to work in the U.S. We also assist foreign investors and entrepreneurs obtain nonimmigrant visas based on their investment and trade with the U.S.

Hospitals and Medical Practices

We assist international medical graduates, researchers and other healthcare professionals and their employers (many in medically underserved communities) navigate the complex immigration system to ensure all Americans have access to healthcare.


We advise individuals on various matters, including naturalization, family-based petitions and employment-based matters and walk alongside these individuals every step of the way.


Keeping families together is a cornerstone of Garvish Immigration Law Group. We pride ourselves on representing and guiding married couples and families through the often tedious and confusing immigration process.

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