In a move to enhance efficiency and organization, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has introduced a notable change in the issuance of receipts for L-1 nonimmigrant intracompany transferees. These transferees include executives, managers, and specialized knowledge professionals who are part of a previously approved blanket L petition.

The recent update pertains to the process of filing Form I-129S, the Nonimmigrant Petition Based on Blanket L Petition, along with Form I-129, the Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker. Under the new protocol, petitioners will now receive two distinct notices – the receipt notice and the approval notice – if the petition is approved.

Unlike the previous practice of including a stamped and signed Form I-129S alongside the Form I-129 approval, the updated approach involves issuing a separate approval notice exclusively for the Form I-129S. This approval notice serves a dual purpose: it serves as evidence that a USCIS officer has established the beneficiary’s eligibility for L-1 status based on an approved blanket L petition, and it functions as an endorsement of Form I-129S, as mandated by 8 CFR 214.2(l)(5)(ii)(E).

This endorsement, presented in the approval notice, holds considerable significance for beneficiaries. It serves as vital documentation to be included alongside their visa and/or admission papers, ensuring a smooth transition into the United States.

The change has been enacted with several goals in mind. By foregoing the need to print, stamp, sign, and annotate the paper form of Form I-129S, the USCIS aims to achieve quicker and more secure processing for petitioners. This shift not only aligns with modern practices but also streamlines the administrative process, allowing USCIS resources to be better utilized.

In summary, the USCIS’s recent update in the issuance of receipts for L-1 nonimmigrant intracompany transferees underscores the agency’s commitment to efficiency, security, and adaptability. With the introduction of separate approval notices for Form I-129S, petitioners can expect a more streamlined and organized experience, reflecting the USCIS’s dedication to refining and optimizing immigration processes.

Read the official announcement from USCIS.

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