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Books, Resources, and Tools for Self Discovery


The Enneagram test is a personality test that gives you rather precise information about your core motivation, fears, and strengths and allows you to explore your personality in depth. This can help you better understand yourself and make room for self-improvement.

CliftonStrengths Assessment

Completing the online talent assessment (formerly the Clifton StrengthsFinder®) is your way to:

  • discover what you naturally do best
  • learn how to develop your greatest talents into strengths
  • use your personalized results and reports to maximize your potential

 The Kolbe A Index 

Measures how you get things done when you’re free to be yourself. After you answer the scientifically-validated questions, you’ll get a 4-number result called your MO and an interactive guide full of tips and tricks for better performance. Think of it as a custom instruction manual to yourself and how you most naturally take action every day.


DiSC® is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. Organizations and facilitators use these profiles as tools to help ignite cultural change, inspiring lasting behavior changes that positively shape their workforce.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

With more than 70 years of science-based, research-based insight, the MBTI assessment is a robust tool for self-awareness and improvement. It provides positive language for understanding and valuing individual differences.