Garvish Immigration Law Group, LLC. is pleased to announce that its Founder and Managing Member, Elizabeth L.A. Garvish will be recognized as a 2022 Georgia Legal Awards recipient for Professional Excellence in the category of Legal Innovators. Presented by the Daily Report, the Legal Innovators Award specifically honors legal professionals who envision “game-changing ideas for their practices or organizations and who were able to turn their vision into reality.” 

Innovation – What it Means and How Elizabeth Garvish is Changing the Game

So what does innovation mean to Elizabeth and how is she implementing new ideas into her immigration law firm? As Elizabeth views it, innovation is really about “changes to ourselves, our mindsets, our thinking, and our interaction with others.” To practically implement innovation, Elizabeth believes change must come from “letting go of the ingrained societal norms and the ideas that there is only one right way to do something.” Striving to create change and make Garvish Immigration Law Group the Happiest Law Firm in America, Elizabeth, as she would phrase it, “manifested” the diverse, predominantly-female Garvish Immigration team. Breaking from the traditional recruitment process, where it’s not uncommon to have employers ask new hires “What can you bring to the firm?” Elizabeth reverses that mentality by asking “How can the firm help you?” 

By being more people-centric, Garvish has seen nothing but growth, even during pandemic times. In 2021, Garvish Immigration Law Group served more immigration clients than ever, especially those in large organizations such as health care systems. The Garvish team tripled, while tough times induced by COVID-19 had unemployment rates skyrocketing.   

The honors will be presented at a gala on June 23 at Flourish Atlanta that will recognize winners and nominees of the 2022 Georgia Legal Awards. A full list of this year’s Legal Awards winners may be viewed here, and the award winners will be featured in full in a special section of the Daily Report in June.  

About Elizabeth Garvish

Elizabeth L.A. Garvish founded Garvish Immigration Law Group, LLC in 2011 after practicing immigration law in small boutique firms, big law practices and nonprofits. Elizabeth is a frequent speaker and presenter on U.S. immigration topics around the world. She is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and serves on various national committees and is the Past Chair of the Georgia-Alabama Chapter of AILA. Elizabeth Garvish was also named a 2022 Super Lawyer for the 10th consecutive year and was named to U.S. News – Best Lawyers® in 2021. 

Garvish Immigration Law Group was recognized in 2021 as one of the fastest-growing law firms in the country by Law Firm 500 and received numerous awards in 2021 for legal services and customer services, including U.S. News – Best Law Firms in 2022.

About Georgia Legal Awards
Georgia Legal Awards by the Daily Report recognizes distinguished members of the Georgia legal community for professional excellence in assorted areas of the law. Established in 1890, the Daily Report is a daily legal newspaper based in Atlanta, Georgia.