Two Valued Employees of Garvish Immigration Head to Law School This Fall

The month of May always represents a time when students begin their next journey, whether it’s moving on to the next grade level, pursuing a career after graduation, or continuing to a higher degree. As a law firm that supports and values personal and professional growth, we often employ young professionals gaining legal experience between undergraduate studies and law school. This mutually beneficial relationship allows us to train young professionals on real-world career expectations, while in return, they bring innovative solutions to our workplace. With this comes the reality that our trusted and valuable team members won’t be with us forever.

Over the years we have bid many heart-warming farewells to many valuable employees and this year is no different. We are pleased to report that two of our extremely valued employees have been inspired by their experience at Garvish Immigration Law Group to attend law school, and of course, letting them go is bittersweet for all those who had the pleasure of working with them.

Alissa Heynan, a legal assistant who worked for Garvish Immigration for 2 years, will head to University of Michigan Law School in the fall, while Kaitlyn Bright, also a legal assistant for 1.5  years, will head to University of Samford School of Law. Both attribute their decision to attend law school in part to the knowledge and inspiration gained while at Garvish.

“Working at Garvish Immigration Law Group was an amazing experience. I learned so much personally and professionally from my coworkers and managers. The team is encouraging, dynamic, and thoughtful. The opportunities I had at Garvish prepared me to think abundantly and positively about the future! I look forward to my next step in law school and feel prepared and supported thanks to the team at Garvish.”Alissa Heynen

Elizabeth Garvish with Legal Assistants Alissa Heynen and Kaitlyn Bright

“I told Elizabeth that I was planning on going to law school in the next year or two, but she had no hesitations about hiring me onto the GILG team. Fifteen months and one promotion later, I am finally starting my law school journey at the University of Samford’s Cumberland School of Law this summer with the full support of the team and Elizabeth behind me. I am confident that the tools provided and lessons taught to me at Garvish will help equip me to succeed in law school and in life.”Kaitlyn Bright

Garvish Immigration Law cultivates a culture of happiness and personal growth rarely found in typical law firms, and so the firm definitely supports Alissa and Kaitlyn as they take this next step in their lives.  Garvish’s culture attracts amazing candidates to the firm, making traditional recruiting unnecessary. When employees leave, it is invariably to pursue a life goal fostered and supported by the firm, which knows that the positive relationship will continue to create benefits for both employees and the firm.

“We approach everything we do with the understanding that the gratitude and positive energy we put into our people, our clients and beyond always comes back to us, so we trust that when changes occur, greatness is being created—we are so excited for Alissa and Kaitlyn.” – Elizabeth Garvish

Garvish Law Group strives to create the happiest law firm in America, and in doing so we strive to break from traditional law firm structures and to create a new model of firm. This new model is open and receptive to  the needs and goals of both our clients and our team, empowering both to achieve their goals in the most personally fulfilling manner. 

We appreciate the leadership and dedication Alissa and Kaitlyn brought to Garvish Immigration  and send them our best wishes as they achieve the next piece of their dreams. 

“Your Trusted Guide to the American Dream”

Elizabeth Garvish
Elizabeth GarvishFounding Attorney & Managing Member
Elizabeth L.A. Garvish is the Founder and Managing Member of Garvish Immigration Law Group, LLC. After years of immigration practice experience with small boutique firms, big law and nonprofits, Elizabeth founded Garvish Immigration Law Group, LLC in 2011. The firm was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing law firms in the country by Law Firm 500 and the Daily Report has honored Elizabeth as a Legal Innovator in the 2022 Georgia Legal Awards. Elizabeth is a frequent speaker and presenter on U.S. immigration topics around the world. She is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) serving on various national committees.